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A vision is a picture of a future condition that represents mainly a dream and/or an ideal that is aimed for, but never reached. The vision stands equally besides the mission and symbolizes its goal condition. Visions are formulated especially by leaders - summarized in one sentence, with a meaningful metaphor or an expressive image. They serve for a common alignment, create associations, arouse emotions and produce motivation as well as activation.

In the strategic context, vision is positioned on top of the pyramid. Usually derived from mission, it defines the framework for the strategy (e.g. strategic direction and goals). In rare cases, the mission develops gradually from a meaningful vision. An understandable, focused, useful and independent vision is favorable to enable the recipients identifying themselves with it. Continuous communication of the vision creates a stable bottom line for sustainable success, since the overall system can align and adapt to it.

Vision approaches can be found in management (e.g. strategy and organizational development) and in the context of creativity techniques (e.g. Disney strategy).
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