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Memes are contents causally created and thought by humans - or like M. Csikszentmihalyi defined it „any permanent pattern of matter or information produced by an act of human intentionality“.

The  science of memes is memetics, which deals with their mechanisms, e.g. fidelity, fertility, longevity. Of special interest is their ability to infect that leads to a virulent transmission.

There are different types of meme, e.g. strategy, differentiation, association and motivation memes. Strategy memes are instructions, e.g. processes, cultures, paradigms. Differentiation memes serve as categorization, e.g. definitions, prejudices, models. Association memes describe mental models, e.g. metaphors, interpretations, memories. Motivation memes are anchors for positive developments, e.g. activating conceptions and reframes.

Memes develop across different stages: from idea, topic, concept/ model, plan, up to practice. In this development, a meme becomes more and more defined.

The work with memes helps designing meaning, since a meme expresses the actual core of a message. New forms of marketing, effective generation of acceptance and improved realization of projects can be achieved by using meme mechanisms.
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