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Everything flows

The Greek Panta rhei (πάντα ῥεῖ) dates back to Heraclitus and means the constant flow of everything and everybody. The world around us and we change without ceasing - sometimes  so slow, but sometimes so fast that we can not perceive it with our  senses.
This flow can have different meanings in everyday life:  transition, movement, change, life, abundance and time (see examples  below).
  • Transitions: turn, bridge, passage, to pass, to wade, to alter, to transform, to cross, etc.
  • Movements: vibration, locomotion, rotation, crash, to aim, to excite, to shake, to slosh, etc.
  • Change: upheaval, alteration, correction, to transform, to change, to vary, to renew, to reverse, to mutate, etc.
  • Life: biography, life time, destiny, to be, to exist, to germinate, to mature, to experience, to age, to persist, etc.
  • Abundance: variety, vastness, wealth, to swell, to flood, to overflow, to waste, to exaggerate, etc.
  • Time: era, phase, rhythm, passage, stage, state, to last, to pass, to stretch, to delay, etc.

In  addition, there are metaphors about the matter that flows (eg. water,  oil, melted metal), the behavior of flowing (eg. flood, vortex,  casting), the course of flowing (eg, well, brook, stream, estuary), the edgesof flowing (eg channel, stream bed, dam break) as well as  advantages and disadvantages of flowing (eg buck the trend,  carry away, drifting away).
Despite  this millennia-old insight, the transitions, movements, changes, life,  abundance and time are often ignored in new concepts. And some of the concepts flow as they are created, so the end does not fit in the beginning.
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